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Welcome to Crib Gogh

For The Ultimate Equipment to Survive the Extremities the World has to Offer

The ethos of Crib Gogh is to take extreme thinking and ideas that are outside the box and bring them into mainstream development. We do this like no other company. Countless hours were dedicated to the design of our systems with as many again in testing. Working with other Crib Gogh platform partners making sure that all of the components of each capability have a unique and seamless integration when operational. Taking the best of the UK’s RCP consultants and the DSTL’s input, our design philosophy resulted in the following design features:

Full System Integration- All of the system components are designed to work seamlessly together in a manner which enhances rather than inhibits the performance and function of each system component, whatever the operating terrain, allowing full military kinetic drills to be achieved.

Operational footprint – Special attention was put into streamlining the final system by eliminating any loose ends with a completely clean front. This allows the dismount to manoeuvre in places where other systems fail due to the pouch configurations along their front. This meets all of the dynamic shooting drills required by today’s tier one capabilities.

Robust, Lightweight yet Durable- Materials and design were carefully chosen to achieve maximum performance, comfort and survivability with the lightest possible weight, yet giving the maximum comfort, cooling and protection. We are currently the only company that is certified to STANAG 2895.


We supply specialist mountain cadre warfare units, Special Forces and Air&Sea Borne Commandos

The threats facing SF operational units seems to change almost daily with asymmetrical combat evolving at an alarming rate. Our Unique Operational Solutions meets most of these threats giving the user unique step changes in the execution of their duties. With dedicated load carriage that has quick release capabilities whilst retaining one hand on a weapon, increasing both lethality and survivability in contact zones.

Patrolling territorial boundaries, humanitarian relief operations and performing duties on the world stage are all part of the dismounts roll and having a system that meets every one of these scenarios is critical. Our Systems offer an ease of scalability. Meeting multiple threats is a cost effective solution that offers operational step changes. For the intense world of counter insurgency warfare and fighting in built up areas, Crib Gogh offers solutions that are unique in their ability for fast, highly manoeuvrable, highly skilled units to perform their duties under the most demanding operational needs.