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TAP’s Tactical Assault Packs

TAP's Tactical Assault Packs

The Crib Gogh Range of Tactical Assault Packs are the most comprehensive range of load carriage that can and do enhance the Generic Soldier Architecture (GSA) and meets Def-Stan 2312, answering the needs and demands of the soldier and civil defence requirements in today’s various theatres of combat and conflict.

The changing dynamic and need to view the “Soldier as an operational platform”, creating an integration of capabilities, we bring exciting and new solutions to major challenges: Not all generic systems meet the specific risk to life operational needs that some combat units require. The Tactical Assault Packs we offer meet the need of many of the shortfalls that are found in today’s operational systems.

With all of our working partners the Tactical Assault Pack offers a tactical advantage in most 0perational scenarios where high mobility and articulation needs are required. We have provided equipment, systems and training to enable special operators and cadre’s to work with speed, ease, and safety when accessing objectives across a wide range of environmental terrains; mountain, urban or maritime theatres of combat.

The TAP allows you to have a three day combat load that will allow you to carry the specialist items from troop radios to ECM’s without the usual cumbersome experience noted with other systems that are not integrated. Unique with its quick release it will allow you to doff the pack in under 4 seconds with one hand still on your weapon maintaining lethality and enhancing survivability


Seamless integration to reduce the cognitive and thermal burden


Tested by SGS to STANAG 2895


We offer the only systems that come with a genuine scalability that is not only multifunctional and multi-mission profile, but they have no hook or loop in the systems


Developed with the Royal College of Physicians and is regarded as one of the best weight distribution systems (WDS) in service at this time


Doffing with one hand still on your weapon makes this a step change in hostile contact situations


Black, Green, Coyote, Multi-Cam, Wolf/Urban Grey


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