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Crib Gogh created a working platform team with our partners to enhance soldier systems.. The Blade JPC Tactical Platform offers a tactical advantage in most operational scenarios where high mobility and extreme articulation are required. We have provided equipment, systems and training to enable special operators and Cadres to work with speed, ease, and safety when accessing objectives across a…

Ascent through the innovative design and the input of our working partners have led to the increase in survivability, a significant reduction in the thermal burden and in turn reducing the cognitive burden. This all makes the user, use less energy when operational, increasing their operational awareness for longer periods.

Crib Gogh have worked with the Royal College of Physicians and have developed what is regarded as one of the best Weight Distribution Systems (WDS) in service at this time. Unique in its features it not only works with the muscular-skeletal chassis

The Crib Gogh TSS platforms are the only systems that come with a genuine scalability that is not only multifunctional and multi-operational, but they have no hook or loop in the systems. They all utilise our unique and patented buckle systems that not only enhance mobility and movement, they also make scaling up or down simplistic and fast.