The Crib Gogh TSS platforms are the only systems that come with a genuine scalability that is not only multifunctional and multi-operational but they have no hook or loop in the systems. We were the first company in 2009 to develop the only seamlessly integrated system that others are now following. All of the Crib Gogh systems utilise our unique and patented buckle systems that not only enhance mobility and movement, they also make scaling up or down simplistic and fast. As protection is becoming more and more crucial and mission complexity increasing, the physical demands on the soldier are ever expanding.

Mission specific needs mean that having load carriage that integrates with the system and options with that load carriage that are tailored to the unique requirements of specialist terrains are a necessity. The Blade JPC takes these operational factors in to account and becomes a risk to life solution that increases survivability and the lethality of the dismount in the execution of their
duties. It is one of the many systems we make that you can use in the Desert, the Jungle or the Arctic as in each of these domains hook and loop systems tend to fail with alarming frequency.