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Mission Specific


Ascent was the world’s first fully integrated soldier system that has a built in climbing harness, it is a minimal silhouette Soldier System integrating hard and soft armour protection. Designed for a multitude…


Blade is a completely unique Jumpable Plate Carrier that allows the airborne units to scale up to a full fighting order once they hit their landing zone. A fully integrated soldier system that offers genuine scalability…


Crib Gogh is a Global leader in the design development and innovation of soldier systems and our MI-Ops capability is the gold standard. Maritime Interdiction Operations can and are often extremely hazardous…


ISR Intelligence, Surveillance and reconnaissance needs to be supported by high highly skilled and qualified operatives. These operatives need the equipment that will enable them to perform their duties on the world…

We supply specialist mountain cadre warfare units, Special Forces and Air&Sea Borne Commandos

The ethos of Crib Gogh is to take extreme thinking and ideas that are outside the box and bring them into mainstream development. We do this like no other company. Countless hours were dedicated to the design of our systems with as many again in testing. Working with other Crib Gogh platform partners making sure that all of the components of each capability have a unique and seamless integration when operational.

For more information on the system please contact us at info@cribgogh.com or call us