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Maritime Interdiction Operations V2 Swim Harness

Maritime Interdiction Operations V-2-SR

The first dedicated twin sit harness

The V-2-SR quick out harness has been designed with operational need, quality and strength in mind. It is designed to work with the Ascent and Vault Soldier systems and for all MI-Ops needs. It is also compatible for deep water and littoral operations as we as oil safe recoveries. It is drop tested with a number of LPU’s and meets the future HSE PPE compatibility protocols. As well as blue water recovery It is fitted with either two and three bar buckles or Cobra quick out buckles all round and all are salt water compliant

wraparound fitting system - MOLLE COMPATIBLE

The V-2-SR quick out harness has a wraparound fitting system for ease of donning and safety which stops the harness from becoming soiled, as is common with many step in type harnesses. It makes cleaning, maintaining and inspection easier after use in salt water conditions. With two laser cut 2000D Cordura MOLLE/PALS sections on the padded area of the waist for attaching a fighting order. POM magazines and POM holsters are available to meet most MI-Ops requirements. Front gear loops complete the set up.

The V-2 Sit Harness has a full suite or waterproof pouches that are designed to carry equipment such as your night vision, AGR, specialist breaching equipment etc. and tested to 10 metre plus.

It is fully compliant to BSEN: 12277/358/813 and when used with the Vault Vertical Assault System it meets BSEN: 361 and includes a full dorsal lift making the only combat system in the world that is fully compliant for safety at height, FRIES and SPIE rig compatible

Crib Gogh setting new standards
for the specialist end users in the maritime domain


Tested by SGS to BSEN: 12277/358/813 and a world first tested with a life preserver meeting the future PPE compatibility protocols also meeting STANAG 2895 when used in tandem with Vault meets BSEN: 361/365


Developed with the Royal College of Physicians and is regarded as one of the best weight distribution systems (WDS) in service at this time.


Designed and developed for maritime interdiction and combat swims. Designed to support the lumbar region of the spine to reduce spinal flex in the water. With quick-out options with both front and rear qualified anchor points.

Designed to take a full compliment of water proof pouches to meet the operations need of the end user in littoral military environment.

This is the first sit harness purposely designed for maritime operations.

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