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ISR Intelligence, Surveillance and reconnaissance needs to be supported by high highly skilled and qualified operatives. These operatives need the equipment that will enable them to perform their duties on the world stage with stealth, efficiency and professionalism. Addressing terrorist threats to urban spaces is an inherently difficult task in the current security climate. We work closely with the end user and our commercial partners. We have specialist systems that meet and are certified to international safety at height standards. This allows the Specialist units to breach a building at height whilst in full combat fighting order. We are working with Alfords Explosives. This allows us to be the only companies that offer this capability as a complete solution.

We are aware that Special Forces have the unconventional skills and superior firepower to perform the mission of responding effectively to domestic attacks that regular police and armed forces cannot prevent from happening due to the elements of secrecy and surprise. Here at Crib Gogh we can and do tailor systems to meet these mission specific threats that meet the counter terror responses. Working with Helix, REBS, SAR, KRAKA, Alfords and Galvion allows us to put a full operational solution together to meet that mission specific requirement.

Ascent and Vault are multi-operational soldier systems that are designed to meet Urban, Mountain and Maritime Vertical Assault requirements and can be tailored further to meet a number of operational scenarios

For more information on the system please contact us at technical@cribgogh.com or call us

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Unique quick release through innovate buckle systems that CG have developed


Tested by SGS for a multitude of standards that other vests have not met including STANAG 2895


We offer the only systems that come with a genuine scalability that is not only multifunctional and multi-mission profile, but they have no hook or loop in the systems


Developed with the Royal College of Physicians and is regarded as one of the best weight distribution systems (WDS) in service at this time


With high trauma reduction properties that were tested by both Her Britannic Majesty’s Defence Scientific and Technology Laboratories and Helston Forensic Laboratories stating that the WDS increases the survivability of the wearer by 70% over the next best vest in NATO


Extra Small to Extra Large


Black, Green, Coyote, Multi-Cam, Wolf/Urban Grey

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For more information on the system please contact us at technical@cribgogh.com or call us