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Constrictor Global


Global terrains are diverse and vary greatly from one operational context to another. From Urban, to the Arctic or the Jungle a variety of terrain and environmental factors impact greatly on the optimum system design: There are no ultimate solutions that can properly claim to cover every need and to function in every context and environment required, but we feel that the Constrictor Global will take you and your Dell rugged range to the most extreme of places offering the highest levels of comfort and cooling available at this time.

The Constrictor Global is a minimal silhouette 35+8ltr multi-operational system that will offer greater comfort, mobility, articulation and support in the following domains

  • Maritime operations, expeditions and surveys
  • Working in tight spaces such as mines, disaster zones cave recovery etc.
  • All urban environments
  • The Arctic
  • Primary and Secondary Jungles, deciduous woodland
  • The desert

The Constrictor Global looks just as good in business class as it does in the jungle, a truly Global solution

The Constrictor Global was developed to meet the most inhospitable environments that Mother Nature has to offer. Built to the most demanding standards that other manufacturers struggle to match. Developed with a spinal surgeon from the RCP (Royal College of Physicians) and complies with BS 13407-1999.

Crib Gogh were a part of the tropical remote command and control trials that were run in 2018. This was done with Dell rugged laptops where they were used in excess of 16 weeks in remote jungle terrains using renewable power technologies to maintain a remote command centre, representative of a disaster zone. Having a laptop that can survive in these inhospitable zones you will need a rucksack to transport them there. The Constrictor Global was designed to enable you to carry your technical load and PPE on these hazardous expeditions or disaster relief deployments.


BS 13407:1999 – Human-centred design processes for interactive systems
ISO 105 B02: 2000 amdt 2.2000 – Tests for Colour Fastness
ISO 13934-1-1999 Tensile testing standard determining fabric strength
ISO 13937-2000 Textiles – Tear properties of fabrics — Part 1: Determination of tear force using ballistic pendulum method (Elmendorf)
ISO 811-1981 – Textile fabrics — Determination of resistance to water penetration — Hydrostatic pressure test
FMVSS 302 title 49 section 571.302 – Flammability of interior materials (Phosphorous test)
BS 5131, part 11: 1981 (1992) Buckle Strength (derived from foot wear as no vest standard existed)
ISO 2062: 2009 – Textiles — Yarns from packages — Determination of single-end breaking force and elongation at break using constant rate of extension (CRE) testerBS 3084: 2006 performance code c – Slide Fasteners
STANAG 2895 Extreme climatic conditions and derived conditions for use in defining design/test criteria for NATO forces materiel
EU Regulation 1907/2006 REACH – 138 substances in candidate list
BS 5131, Part 11 : 1981 (1992) Tear Strength of straps (derived from foot wear as no vest standard existed)


  • Weight 2.19 KG
  • Dimensions 42cm High 29cm wide 22cm deep max. with 6 compression straps
  • Pocket one 42Hx29Wx10D cm with 3 internal wand pockets, hydro bladder stay one large zip pocket 1 Y-compression strap
  • Pocket two 42Hx29Wx6D cm with 1 large zipped pocket 1 Y-compression strap
  • 2 quick access pockets with internal wand pockets and admin comportment
  • Unique grab handle system to maximise casualty evacuation in extreme environments


  • 1000D double PU backed Polyester
  • Available in Black
  • All CG fabrics are ‘REACH’ Compliant and come with full certification




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